What is lain.haus

It started somewhere in 2017, running a few services for myself: Matrix and Pleroma. After a while I invited some of my friends (most of whom I met through the lainchan community (site(s) are now bad :/), hence the name (oof that's a lot of parenthesis)). Inspired by service providers such as Disroot, Wehost and Riseup. I decided to open up my services to the public a while later.

I volunteer to run everything, but I do get some donations (not enough to cover)

Lainhaus offers the following services: Matrix (irc, telegram bridges), Pleroma, Gitea, CodiMD, Mumble, and this Writefreely instance


My services don't cost any money, but I do ask everyone to consider donating to my Liberapay

How it's run

The domain is courtesy of Thufie. The services are spread out over three servers:

Akropolis: main Hetzner VPS Leviathan: beefy gamer laptop that's now a server, doing all the heavy lifting Aecor: new DigitalOcean droplet I have for 10months now, with free credit

All Leviathan traffic is routed through Akropolis using wireguard to protect my home ip.