What is lain.haus

I used to be quite active in the lainchan imageboard community, themed around the Serial Experiments Lain anime, and focussed on Cyberpunk, tech, politics and (glitch)art. The communities have since went to shit (tl;dr: drama), and I wouldn't recommend either of the lain-connected imageboards that are available now.

This started somewhere in 2017, running a few services for myself: Matrix and Pleroma. After a while I invited some of my friends (most of whom I met through the lainchan community (site(s) are now bad :/), hence the name (oof that's a lot of parenthesis)). Inspired by service providers such as Disroot, Wehost and Riseup. I decided to open up my services to the public a while later.

I volunteer to run everything, but I do get some donations (not enough to cover)

Lainhaus offers the following services: Matrix (irc, telegram bridges), Pleroma, Gitea, CodiMD, Mumble, and this Writefreely instance


My services don't cost any money, but I do ask everyone to consider donating to my Liberapay

How it's run

The domain is courtesy of Thufie. The services are spread out over three servers:

Akropolis: main Hetzner VPS Leviathan: beefy gamer laptop that's now a server, doing all the heavy lifting Aecor: new DigitalOcean droplet I have for 10months now, with free credit

All Leviathan traffic is routed through Akropolis using wireguard to protect my home ip.